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Our work has impacted more than a million+ users worldwide. We takegreat pride in making a difference with design.

As an design studio from India, our expertise involves everything that is needed to design (or redesign) a great user experience, including

  • Website & Web app UX design
  • Mobile UI/UX experience
  • Dashboard design
  • Branding & Illustrations
  • Animation

All of which is facilitated by rugged user research, design thinking & deep craft for design.

ZeroToOne Lab is built with a belief that design is not a skill, it is a mindset.

Our design mindset is not problem-focused, it's solution-focused and action-oriented. We craft our designs by connecting the thread of emotion and empathy with our clients. Every customer –centric designer undergoes multiple roles while converting your visualization into reality.  We are creators and so, every creator compiles their efforts and blends the ideas to draw a product that will be loved by the end-users.

The design process at our UX Design Studio starts with understanding and gathering clear expectations and requirements from the stakeholders. UX Research forms a great part of the process to understand the product and the users better.

We start building the Information Architecture, Wireframes for clear and defined user flows. Once everything is finalized and signed off, we start creating the UI Designs for the product, followed by a prototype to understand the final product's functionality. Usability Testing is what follows next along with user testing, and then the final designs are handed off to the development team under the handoff process

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